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Active Bulk MS Jobs

Job # Printing # List Received Department Title Contact Phone
MS8417 19-6729 PX Student Affairs Alumni Mailer Megan Rolfs 8-5170
MS8445     Student Activities and Involvement NSLS Mailer Amy Miller 8-3212
MS8477 19-7875 X History History Newsletter 2018 Sharon Foiles 8-5689
MS8517     Off Campus Services Sophomore parent letter Janelle Jones 8-2008
MS8556 19-8609   Student Health Services SHS Postcards Laura Frey 8-2956
MS8574 19-7360   Development FY19 DM November Renewal Jillian Nelson 8-2592
MS8575 TBD   Chemistry Fall 2018 Chem Letter CRAIG C MCLAUCHLAN 8-7661
MS8579 19-8693 PX Development FY19 DM Employee Acquisition Jillian Nelson 8-2592
MS8580   PX Human Resources OpenLine Gail Norris 8-5401
MS8582 19-8669 PX Development FY19 DM SYBUNT Appeal Jillian Nelson 8-2592
MS8583   PX Connections CTE Initiative Registration Forms Robin Fraser 8-2610
MS8587 19-7946 PX Development FY19 DM Oct. PC Anniversary Jillian Nelson 8-2592
MS8589     Normal Editions Workshop, School of Art 34th Annual Printmakers' Exhibition & Sale Veda Rives Aukerman 8-7530
MS8590 Tracy W. will provide   Admissions President Dietz Admitted Letter No EDF Kristen Johnson 8-4512
MS8591 Tracy W. will provide   Admissions President Dietz Admitted Letter with Decal Kristen Johnson 8-4512