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Active Bulk MS Jobs

Job # Printing # List Received Department Title Contact Phone
MS5641     College of Applied Science and Technology ForeCAST magazine Kara Snyder 8-3986
MS8207     Human Resources Open Line Gail I Norris 8-5401
MS8220 18-4897 X Philosophy Alumni Newsletter Crystal Scheiman 8-5571
MS8235     Human Resources Open Line Gail I Norris 8-5401
MS8248 18-4456   Theater Earlybird brochure Bill Prenevost 8-8697
MS8250 18-4750 PX University Housing Services New Student Viewbook Stephanie Robertson 8-8892
MS8255   X Dean of Students NSLS Recruitment Jessica Marsh 8-5391
MS8256     Theater Group & Chamber early-bird mailing Bill Prenevost 8-8697
MS8257 18-2922   ISU Annuitants ISU Annuitants Spring Newslette Gail A. Lamb 261-1011
MS8261     Financial Aid Office MAP deadline-Seniors Lyn E Morris 8-2794
MS8264     Human Resources Open Line Gail I Norris 8-1405
MS8265     Advancement Operations 2017 End of Calendar Tax Summary Mandatory Mailing Jillian Young 8-5711
MS8267 18-4225   Alumni Relations Half Century Club Invites Rachel Kobus 8-5633
MS8268   X Dean of Students NSCS Mailing Jessica Marsh 8-5391
MS8269     Mennonite College of Nursing MCN Annual Report Emily McMahon 608-604-9709
MS8270 18-5281   Admissions President Dietz Admitted Letter with Decal Kristen Johnson 8-4512
MS8271 18-5281   Admissions President Dietz Admitted Letter No EDF Kristen Johnson 8-4512
MS8272 18-5121   Admissions Redbird Honors Day Invites Kelly Glass 8-5589
MS8273   PX Student Accounts Student Billings - January 2018 Sheena Weiss 8-5758
MS8275 18-3707   Orientation/Transition Services Transfer Day Program Invitation Debbie Brown 438-3859
MS8276     School of Music - Band Summer Camp Lydia Sheehan 309-438-2166