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Stamp Orders

Mail Service Center provides postage stamps to departments for UNIVERSITY BUSINESS ONLY.  These stamps contain a perforated "I", and by State Law are the only stamps to be used for University business.  Departments are not to buy stamps from the Post Office and use them for University Business.

There are two different ways to order stamps:

  1. Online Stamp Order Form (preferred)
  2. Send a Memo including Account Number, Mail Code, Department Name, Telephone Number, Date and Signature.  Indicate what denominations and number of stamps that you would like.

The stamps will be hand delivered to the department and they must be signed for.  If an order is received by Mail Service Center in the morning, the stamps will usually be delivered that afternoon or the following morning.

There is no service charge for purchasing stamps from the Mail Service Center.  Charges for the stamps will appear on the department's monthly printout and are billed through the Comptroller's Office.