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  1. Screen your outgoing mailing lists for unnecessary or duplicate names.

  2. Fold multi-page material and enclose in a #10 envelope to save the extra charge of sending a “flat” mail piece.

  3. Do not over-insure; the vender will pay only the actual value of an item, not the declared value.

  4. Combine mailings to the same location into one large envelope.

  5. Use Priority Mail rather than express when two to three day delivery is acceptable and no tracking is needed.  (Especially when mailing on Thursday or Friday)

  6. Use bulk rate mail when mailing more than 200 pieces of identical weight and contents.

  7. Use “Certified” instead of “Registered” mail whenever possible as it costs less and still (optionally) provides a (return) receipt and notice of delivery to the sender.

  8. Use Business Reply envelopes provided by vendors rather than University envelopes and postage.

  9. Use intra-campus envelopes for on-campus mail and regular business envelopes for off-campus mailings.

  10. For faster delivery of your mail, type or laser print (not hand written), use black ink, all capital letters, no punctuation, and place in the middle of a white envelope.  Also, by using the ZIP+4 code, your mail will be processed in a more timely manner.