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Active Bulk MS Jobs

Job # Printing # List Received Department Title Contact Phone
MS1665 24 -25909   Ed Admin & Foundations Planning & Changing 51 1/2 Tommy Navickas 8-3948
MS1666 24-25618   Donor Engagement FY24 Chicago Event Invite Laura Kathleen Freyman 8-5935
MS1683     UHS Move-In Mailer Hillary Campos 8-8892
MS1684     Student Insurance Student Insurance Welcome Letter 2 Jason Hartzler 8-2516
MS1710   PX Music School of Music audition day Peggy DeHaven 8-3839
MS1712   PX Lab Schools Homecoming Postcard 2023 Stacey Meyer 8-8542
MS1718 24-24856   Center for Civic Engagement Fall 23 Redbird Impact Beth Porter 13094381100
MS1719 n/a PX Donor Relations and Stewardship FY24 Horticulture Dedication Laura Kathleen Freyman 8-5935
MS1721 24-25842 PX Annual Giving Fy24 Fall Open Doors DM Jessica Green 6025173692
MS1727   PX 3420 BABY FOLD FOT Eric Anderson 8-8383
MS1728     Kinesiology and Recreation 2023 ELM Postcard Invitations Sierra Witte 8-5782
MS1730   PX UHS UHS NON-Required Postcard Hillary Campos 8-8892
MS1731     Admissions Viewbook - Second Mailing Josh Mlot 8-5589
MS1732     4060 non attending letter Michelle Schuline 8-2920
MS1733     3420 ICEC postcard paula crowley 8-8383
MS1734     University College Transfer Day Program TROD Invite Postcard Kelsie Riblet 8-8486