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Move Update Requirement

    The United States Postal Service (USPS) requires all address databases be updated within 95 days of mailing to receive a discount when mailing.  There are several different ways to meet this requirement.  The Mail Service Center has investigated the choices offered by the USPS and has come up with the most economical and easiest way to implement a process called "Fast-Forward".  This process allows us to review your mail list for any moves that have been registered with the USPS prior to mailing.  This saves the cost of mailing a piece to an addressee that has moved to a new address.  If a forwarding address has been given to the USPS, then the program will change your address to the new address automatically.  After the mailing is complete, a report comprised of changed new addresses will be returned to you to update your address database.  It is your responsibility to keep your address databases up to date in order to receive postal discounts.  This new service is automatically part of the jetmail process at no additional charge.