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Mail Piece Design Must Do's

These are important point's to check before you send your piece to be printed.

1.  Show a sample to Mail Service Center to review the layout and content of your piece to avoid any problems later in the process.

2.  "Illinois State University" must be the first line of your return address for any non-profit mailings.  Any logo included to the left of the return address is considered the first line of the address.

3.  The permit has to be located in the upper right 1.5" of the address panel.  The return address cannot go beyond 50% of the mail piece's length or 1/3 of it's height.  For more information about the different permits, click here.  See below for example.

Locations of all important design elements of a letter.

4.  The fold needs to be at the bottom of the mail piece and the tab at the top.  The fold needs to be clean and crisp with the top and sides of the page lining up or it will be refused.

5.  A folded self mailer has a maximum of  EIGHT (8)  8 1/2" x 11" pages.  If your self mailer has more than EIGHT (8) 8 1/2" x 11" pages then the piece will have to be stitched and sent out at the flat rate for an additional 3ยข/piece charge.